The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) signed a cooperation protocol with the French company IDEMIA within the state’s strategy to activate digital transformation and automation, including e-services in accordance with international quality standards.

Abdel Moneim El-Terras, AOI  Chairman said in a press release on Sunday that the protocol includes the manufacture and production of various digital identity devices “biometric devices” such as fingerprints, facial and iris recognition, hand geometry for use in various civil and security fields in a way that serves the directions of the state toward digital transformation, and benefit from IDEMIA’s expertise in local production.

El-Terras explained that it was agreed to install and operate production lines with the latest technological systems to manufacture the company’s advanced products, which is considered one of the biggest companies specialized in this field, in addition to training human cadres, transferring and settling expertise in this field.

“We look forward to reaping the fruits of this cooperation to build new capabilities, deepen expertise and competencies in the field of digital transformation for manufacturing digital identity devices, in accordance with international quality standards,” the chairman added.

On his part, Walid Fouad, Managing Director of IDEMIA Egypt said that the company will provide the best and latest solutions to enhance the efforts of the AOI toward digital transformation through the manufacture of personal identification devices locally, benefiting from the company’s global experiences in this field.