Registered SMS

Text message with probative value before a court of law

Registered SMS

Reliable SMS

Registered SMS provides a legal proof of the message content, the exact time the SMS is sent to the user’s handset, and the moment it is received.
It is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to provide legal security to your usual electronic communications.

Longer texts

Registered SMS has a maximum length of 612 characters, allowing the sending of larger texts without increasing the cost.


Registered SMS, the documentary evidence. Several court rulings have recognized it as reliable communication.


The cost of a Registered SMS is 95% cheaper than its paper counterpart, not counting the savings in time thanks to its comfort.

Sending Registered SMS

Users’ Platform

Managed from tools

Tools is the online platform to manage the delivery of Registered SMS. You can also send SMS by our APIs, so that the automatic sending of Registered SMS can be integrated in any management or administration tool.

From Tools you can send not only Registered SMS, but also regular SMS, SMS contracts, or to access to Click & Sign our online contracting platform, as well as perform several phone number or email validations.

Advanced Settings

Customisation Options

The texts of the SMS can be customised automatically, with names, surnames, or any other information; templates can also be created for resending Registered SMS using the same text.

The sending of either a single SMS or a mass campaign, can be scheduled when the time is good for you.

The evidence

The Certificate

The certificate we issue includes the day and time of the sending, the day and time of delivery, the sender’s number and the recipient’s number, all with a time stamp.

The certificate is a PDF document. All certificates are available in Tools. Thus, they are available to all customers who need to access or to download them, at no extra cost.

Benefits Of Registered Email


Protects the Environment

It prevents the management, the expenses and the impact on the environment that involves the use and abuse of paper.


Legal Value

This electronic notification is the documentary evidence.



Within seconds, your communication will be delivered to the addressee, without having to wait for hours or even days.


The cost is much lower than that of traditional reliable communications.