Essam Elsaghir

CEO & Founder
~ About Us ~

A digital transformation strategy is a business transformation strategy.

As leading Digital Transformation consultant we can bring multiple values and benefits to organizations.

eGate Egypt is an Egyptian limited-liability company, The company was founded by Mr. Essam Al-Saghir in May 2020. It was established with the main aim/vision of digital transformations consultation and creating a digital logistical solution that has key competitive features fulfilling customers’ needs in terms of logistics, as covered later in this section. Mr. Al-Saghir has over 20 years of postal service experience and is the former Chairman & CEO of the Egyptian Post. He did hold several other top positions in prime organizations as mentioned hereunder: − Vice President of the African Postal Union − President of the South-South Africa Postal Union − BOD member in EUROMED Postal Union − BOD member in Etisalat Egypt − BOD member in eSerive Egypt − BOD member in Nasr Social Bank. Given his ample experience and valuable expertise, he is the consultant for several African Post Administrative in terms of digital transformation.
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