Registered Notifications And Statements

Evidentiary proof of sending and receiving

Electronic Notifications

Use Your existing Email systems, SMS Deliveries or Web-based communications and provide them with Legal Admissibility and Evidentiary Documentation about Sender, Receiver, Content and time of sending and receiving your communications, all Digitally Signed.

Registered Email

It is an easy, fast and cost effective way to provide legal certainty to your regular eCommunications.


Registered SMS

Registered SMS provides a legal proof of the content of the message, the time the SMS is sent and received.


Registered Invoice

Sending invoices attached to a registered email. Due notification of the sending, the content and the delivery.


Registered Inbox

Get a mailbox that certifies all incoming messages, including attachments if any. Recipient and sender will receive the documentary evidence.


Registered Document Delivery

Deliver your important documents, protect access to them and get evidence of “when” the document(s) have been opened by the recipient(s).


Registered e-Statements

Send thousands or millions of e-statements/Invoices, via a combination of Email or SMS plus web access to your important Documents, with evidence of “who” and “when” received and opened his statements or invoices.

Other Know Your Customer solutions


Fast an easy

Send the proposal from your usual email manager or receive them in your registered mailbox.


No intermediaries

Only as digital witness and the sender.



The sender may also receive the documentary evidence of the communication, having a reliable evidence that the message has been delivered.




Legally valid

The certificate is the documentary evidence you receive once you send a registered electronic communication. It is a digitally signed document with a time stamp crediting content and time.


Patented method