eKYC Onboarding

End-to-end solution for efficient work flow

eKYC Onboarding

You collect your customer’s details, copy of their National ID/Passport and your customer selfie-picture. We will verify the ID document veracity (anti counterfeit), any modifications performed in the ID Document, extract all ID Document Data (OCR), extract picturerm graphics, Bar code or QR codes, and perform a Biometric Face Recognition Comparsion between the ID picture and the selfie-picture. You can use all provided details for “aceeptng” or “rejecting” Onboarding and complete an Onboarding Contract to be Electronically signed.

PC, tablet or mobile

Close deals by Registered SMS. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.


Thanks to its usability, onboarding processes become an easy task.


Within 60 seconds, the user’s identity is verified in compliance with the regulations in force providing documentary evidence.

100% Online Onboarding

Happier customers

The Good Onboarding

Positive user onboarding experience when the process takes less than 5 minutes. Verify the identity of users in less than 60 seconds with eKYC Onboarding video conference identification system.
User experience is important for companies aiming to keep their users satisfied.
In Compliance With

SEPBLAC Standards

In compliance with non-presence identification procedures issued on February 12, 2016 by SEPBLAC (Spanish Regulation on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing)

Online Process

Moving Forward In Digitisation

Digitisation is the key challenge for business. Companies must keep up with the pace of change.
Digitisation of onboarding processes is expedited and simplified thanks to eKYC Onboarding. It can be adapted to the necessary regulations for financial institutions or insurers.

Know Your Customer Solutions


eKYC Email

Convert the images of the scanned identity document into text.


eKYC Photo

Enhance eKYC Docs by adding biometric facial recognition.


eKYC Docs

Validate ID cards, passports and driving licenses.


eKYC Video

The cutting edge video validation solution.