NASRDA Signs Agreement with eGate Technology to Improve Health and Agricultural Services in Nigeria

According to the Guardian report, the Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mr Essam El Saghir, eGate Technology Chairman and the Managing Director, MilkyWay, Limited, Dr Olugbenga Leke Oyewole to implement an AI platform to digitally transform healthcare and agriculture services using AI, Biometric Digital Identity & payment smart card, Electronic medical records (EMR), Hospital Management, Telemedicine and Training & Simulation Platform.

In his comment, Dr Halilu Ahmad, Director of Ground Station and Mission Control, NASRADA, discussed that ’’This agreement will support Nigeria’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of healthcare and agriculture services offered by enabling the digital transformation using the latest AI technology to streamline the sector operations to increase efficiency that aligns with international standards. In addition, this digitalisation will have a revolutionary impact on unifying a secured biometric digital identity smart card for every citizen with a payment facility.’’

‘’eGate will provide a state-of-the-art solution using AI technology to transform the current systems with a fully integrated digital identity smart card. In addition, the system will create a biometric digital identity to identify citizens and their electronic profiles with financial capabilities to receive money or make any payment to increase efficiency, easier access to services, decrease problems like misidentification and avoid fraudulent transactions. The solution will provide citizens with a Mobile app to access services from anywhere in lodging appointments, among other things’’ Mr Essam Elsaghir, Chairman of eGate Technology, stated

Additionally, he emphasised that telemedicine will play a crucial role in extending healthcare services to remote regions by utilising electronic information and technology. This includes using computers, cameras, videoconferencing, satellites, wireless communications, and the Internet for distant healthcare delivery. Furthermore, the healthcare simulation platform will serve as a valuable tool for educating and training healthcare professionals and students, enabling them to acquire essential skills.

According to the Managing Director MilkyWay Limited, Dr Olugbenga Leke Oyewole, the signing of the agreement as a milestone and an achievement will contribute immensely to advancing crucial aspects within the healthcare and agricultural sectors of the country.

‘’The digital-based AI technology can be used to effectively manage and maintain a unified digital identity for every citizen, with includes EMR in one smart card that can be used for payments and to receive payment or support any activities within the country, as well as ensuring effective monitoring of prescriptions, emergency room, drug control, appointments, services KPIs mining sites by tracking all mining activities within the country.’’

Furthermore, Mr Leke emphasised that the AI-based platform has the potential to revolutionise the country’s agricultural sector. It will monitor agricultural operations and offer real-time data, which can aid policymakers in creating and executing strategies that align with the population’s needs.

He stressed that the telemedicine project uses EMR technology to establish a data bank of medical records for Nigerians. This will ensure easy accessibility regardless of their location within the country, ultimately improving healthcare and fostering a culture of wellness among Nigerians.

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